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Support Terrawatu's 20th Anniversary Signature Project

Help Accelerate Food & Health Security in Vulnerable Communities in Tanzania

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Our Signature Project is Chakula na Dawa Usalama, which means 'Food and Medicine/Health Security' in Swahili

The Chakula na Dawa Usalama project includes our new permaculture farm in Mkonoo that we took stewardship of in January 2021. Permaculture simulates, or directly utilizes the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. The Mkonoo Women's Network, which has been in existence since the beginning of Terrawatu's activities in the region, are tending to the farm. This plot will serve as a demonstration farm so that members from surrounding communities can come and learn permaculture techniques they can utilize on their own plots to help feed their families.

This project is a direct response to the devastating decrease in Tanzanian tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has effected this vital industry and the local communities. The trickle-down effect of almost no cash income coming into the communities where Terrawatu works has hit villagers hard. As it is going to be quite some time before tourism returns in full force, if ever, Terrawatu has decided to focus its efforts in 2021 – our 20th Anniversary Year – on training and guiding local community members in permaculture techniques, moringa and other medicinal plant cultivation and processing, and improving nutrition and cooking practices at our partner orphanages and schools.

Funds from this campaign will allow us to properly lead permaculture training and farm cultivation activities, purchase materials necessary for a productive farm, upgrade kitchens and cooking facilities, and support the team involved in these efforts.

Work has already begun, and we expect to reach more than 200 women, 50 orphans, as well as other villagers who want to learn the techniques. Participants will gain new knowledge and skills in farming, nutrition, medicinal plants, and sustainable agricultural practices. Our expectation in the long term is that community members will be able to sell surplus products for additional income.

Your contribution to Terrawatu goes directly to humanitarian projects in Tanzania that make a real difference. With 20 years of experience, we promise that your hard-earned funds go directly to our stated projects and activate change in the most effective and positive way possible.

Since our founding in 2001, we have successfully completed dozens of school classrooms, computer labs, created tree nurseries, built complementary medicine clinics, helped alleviate malaria cases, developed an orphanage, and improved Maasai women's livelihoods in rural villages.

On behalf of the amazing women, men and children in homesteads, schools and orphanages in northern Tanzania, we thank you for your support.