Support the Amazing Work of Terrawatu

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$3,035 towards $40,000

Your contribution to Terrawatu goes directly to humanitarian projects in Tanzania that make a real difference. With over 15 years of experience, we promise that your hard earned funds go directly to our stated projects and activate change in the most effective and positive way possible.

Over the 15 years, we have successfully completed dozens of school classrooms, computer labs, created tree nurseries, built complimentary medicine clinics, helped alleviate malaria cases, and improved Maasai women's livelihoods in rural villages.

Thanks to your help, we have just completed a 4-classroom building at Natema Primary School in Arusha region, Tanzania. We are now working on procuring devices for the Natema Tech Centre located in this building and laptops and tablets for teachers and students at Terrawatu's other computer labs that are in desperate need of upgrading. At the same time, we are partnering with a local Internet provider to install more reliable and low-cost Internet to multiple schools, health, and farm facilities in the region.

Your donation today will help outfit these computer labs with devices purchased in Tanzania (eliminating shipping costs and benefitting reputable local businesses) and help connect thousands of students and teachers to faster and low-cost Internet.

Together we can improve education and facilitate cross-cultural understanding in truly positive ways!