Give today to help communities feed their families. image

Give today to help communities feed their families.

Help launch our new permaculture project in Tanzania

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We are fundraising to alleviate suffering from the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the Tanzania tourism industry, the biggest part of the economy in the region where Terrawatu operates. The trickle-down effect of almost no cash income coming into the communities has hit villagers hard. As it is going to be quite some time before tourism returns in full force, if ever, Terrawatu has decided to launch a new project to train local community members in permaculture that they can use on their own farms and gardens to feed themselves and their families. Permaculture simulates, or directly utilizes, the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems.

Funds from the campaign will allow us to rent land for 3 years to use as a demonstration garden, purchase start-up materials such as a water tank and irrigation pipes, fencing, seeds and plants. The work will begin immediately. We expect to reach more than 200 women, 25 orphans, as well as any other villagers who want to learn the techniques. Participants will gain new knowledge and skills in farming, nutrition, medicinal plants, and sustainable agricultural practices. Our expectation in the long term is that community members will be able to sell surplus products.

On behalf of the amazing women, men and children in the homesteads of Mkonoo and Nadosoito, and the Kibowa Orphans Center we thank you for your support. Your support is more than just financial, it is also emotional, knowing that friends all over the world are concerned for their well-being in Tanzania.